Get Hired Today Video Editing Promoter

Online Position - Work from anywhere! promoting the club, parties &/or our models No experience required - training included. Send any related experience plus copy of your id to & ask for details for the promoter gig!


Ladies for adult sexyjobs with us - text 646.543.2270 or 424.226.8620 we are hiring:

Adult Personal Assistants

Adult Video Actresses - fresh faces for our Headline Entertainer Adult !




All adult modesl must be 18 years of age or older to work with us with a government issued id! NO EXCEPTIOS! Some gigs like video performer require 2 ID's, IID examples are: passport, State Driver's license, State Identification card, birth certificate, school id, work/employer id, green card/visa, Social Security card, Health/medical card, Insurance card, Medical Insurance card, Military ID and similar. NO EXCEPTIONS-this is a federal regulation. If you show up for an audition class & do not have 2 approved identifications, you will not be able to audition nor stay.

Once you see the audition class you want to attend from the lists below, get your identification approved before you arrive, email the following to

1. Full head to toe pics (not nude-no dick pics, until asked)

2. Your id #1

3. Your id#2

4. The audition you want to attend

5. Date you can attend

6. Your phone number

7. amount you have for auditioning or co-producing

After reviewing these items, we will get back to you-do not text.

The ad(s) that say we are hiring/interested in MALES are primarily so guys know we have gigs for them too! Not necessarily that we need them to be studs or bottoms.... Although we occasionally hire male video performers, usually they are known actors because their name helps us to sell the videos we put them in! Newbies, must audition and shoot many videos to get a name! As a result, their first few videos with us are auditions, then we spend money marketing newbies to see what interest there is for them for more work! The best newbies may get to work weekly with us!

Guys usually contact us about being adult actors because they want to have sex with a sexy lady or guy & get paid for it or do it for FREE but there's more to it than that!. Sex is the last thing that the videos are about ... First there is learning lines or scenarios, following directions, modeling, performing with other people invading your space/with super hot lights, making sure the action is in the camera is more important than you having a good time .... then usually performers have to get themself off at the required moment-usually on demand!

We have many guys contacting us for Male Actor gigs, as if we don't have many guys who would gladly be with ladies/guys in videos, we have a club with thousands of members mostly men! So we do not need help getting beef for our sexy models .....we have thousands of members who would gladly step up to the opportunity & gift to the club their normal party admission or more to participate! However if you want to be a Male Stud, we have info below!

So guys any ads you saw were so you know we have other gigs for you! We are hiring: Promoter-promoting parties or events in our city or yours, Marketer-marketing parties|models|events for our club, Online promoter-promoting events in various cities, photographer-taking model pics, video editor & more! Email us at & let us know which gig is for you? For more info:  Just read the GIGS page-click here. We have several gigs for serious minded guys!

The primary gig guys get with us is to promote the club or our models ft/pt make $600-$5000+/month-email for start up agreement.Takes about 2 days of training (online or on the phone if you are not in our city), we provide free training! Once you get good at promoting, you will receive training to manage multiple promoters, models, or you may put together your own parties or events or even be trusted to Manage a Club! Also you can reinvest pay from promoting into a Producer Partnership so you can keep making money with us as a Producer-Stud!




Of course most guys have the fantasy of someone paying them to stud beautiful women!

It's just not that easy...Of course, guys with a name can get booked right away because they have a following that will help sell the video. Usually get started by partnering with other guys to get their name & work out there!

However most guys dont have $800-$2500+ laying around to produce a single video nor do they have a bunch of buddies with enough money to share the costs. Typical costs to shoot a video: Model roundtrip travel $250-$600; Hotel (need nice hotel room for upscale video) 2 days $200- $800; Model booking costs for a plain bj video to face job $400-$800, 1on1 $600-$1200, Back Door $1000-$1500, Group $1000-$2000 depending on her look, how many guys - what is expected! You can get cheaper from a less attractive girl but who is going to buy the video so you can make your money back?

We have several   NO RISK Programs to get you started as a male adult video star while getting your name & your energy out there -- making cash money weekly in the industry!

Adult Video & Party Performers Start Up Programs:

Interview - to get an interview with us, email us at with your height, weight, legal age, a couple clothed pics (no dick pics until we ask) & pics of your 2 ids-date of birth must be clear on government id. We will respond with instructions for your audition class & video! Answer a few interview questions & include some roleplay! This is how we determine if this is right for you? If it is:

Reserve - for an Audition in Atlanta,  your city or a city we have upcoming auditions in! - Reservation is free here on this site! Come to Atlanta, anytime to audition! After Reserving, we will schedule you for your audition-lodging included!

Reservation in your area-audition opportunity is always open for your area and starts when the first guy reserves! Once we get  5-10 guys for the audition, we will schedule the audition for your area!

ATLANTA - No Risk Video Auditions Class Admission is $350 for Porn Actor Class & $700 for Producer Class -- no exceptions, only gift for admission when you arrive! If you are not serious about your career, we can not help you getting with models just because. This is how we seperate real & serious studs from guys who are just desperate ....


Audition Admission: reserve at

Atlanta Anytime Class!

Actor $350

Director Actor $750

Includes 1nite lodging. No upfront cost, pay upon arrival.

Near Your City Admission: Actor $470

Director Actor $900

Includes 100 deposit due 1 wk b4 class & after 6-10 guys have reserved. It shows you are real/serious about your career & partially covers travel expense.

Includes link to audition vid to show producers your skills!

Directors participate in 2 videos, give direction/input to content & receive copy to start their own money making site or for us to create sites & pay producer from proceeds!


Pre-Video Consulting/Direction/Training - Before during & after shoots: receive consulting, training with questions answered, direction given, all these let us know how you will do in future shoots! We determine which Male Models are a good fit or if they need more training-various options are available! Business Consulting, we show you how to make monry with us weekly & prepare you for shooting regularily!

Sexual Themed Photo Shoot - hot sexual positions photos with model allow you to showcase your talents! Alllows us to market you for future shoots!

Group Performance Video Shoot - You will be included in a group video with a sexy up & coming adult video starlet. This is your oportunity to show us what you can do no matter the talent or how many guys - the spot light is on you in the group video!

Marketing - Producers receive 5+ sexual themed photos from your photo shoot, 1 copy of the group video & a link to a promotional video that we use to do marketing & get bookings for you & to get your name out there! Actors also get the link. You can market yourself like we market you! As we get your name out there by marketing the video, we get more people looking at your work & that generates more work for you! Additionally you may be included in other shoots/parties in our area or yours when they come up! You may also make money with us promoting our adult video starlets for adult themed parties or videos in your area!

Ongoing Promotion - We promote you & your work, daily/weekly/monthly! As you do more videos, we have more of your work to promote & you get booked for more work! We handle bookings, contracts & the lega stuff, make sure travel / lodging is taken care of and make sure you get paid!

Takes about 3-8+ weeks to get booked for paid gigs after your audition-if you were good! If you are really good, we will use you in up coming videos!



If U have what it takes, we can Immediately hire U!

When U're serious let me know when U're coming to ATL or how many U have4 your city?

Are U the next porn